Chagim – Jewish Festivals

Occasional Shiurim about the Jewish Festivals:


  • Soft Matza  Pesach Matza CeliacMatza Celiac Pesach
  • Erev Pesach on Shabbat  Pesach Matza CeliacMatza Celiac Pesach
  • Kashrut and Glassware  Pesach Matza CeliacMatza Celiac Pesach
  • Chametz After Pesach – Corporate Conundrums  Pesach Matza CeliacMatza Celiac Pesach
  • Charoset – Mitzva, Minhag or Medicine  Pesach Matza CeliacMatza Celiac Pesach
  • Wine, Grape Juice and Seder Night  Pesach Matza CeliacMatza Celiac Pesach
  • Eliyahu and the Quest for the 5th Cup  Pesach Matza CeliacMatza Celiac Pesach
  • Mixed Marriages and Kitniyot Conundrums  Pesach Matza CeliacMatza Celiac Pesach
  • Ta’anit Bechorot  Pesach Matza CeliacMatza Celiac Pesach
  • Machine Matzot  Pesach Matza CeliacMatza Celiac Pesach
  • Chumra and Pesach – A Meta-halachic Analysis  Pesach Matza CeliacMatza Celiac Pesach
  • Pesach: Matza and Celiac Issues  Pesach Matza CeliacMatza Celiac Pesach
  • Pesach: The Kezayit – A Halachic Biography  Pesach KezayitMatza Celiac Pesach
  • PesachSelling Chametz – Torah Mitzvah or Legal Loophole?  
  • Eating Gebrochts on Pesach  
  • Eating Kitniyot on Pesach  
  • Women Leaning at the Seder  
  • Pesach – Korban Pesach Today – Hashkafic Dream or  Halachic Nightmare? 
  • PesachThe Structure of the Hagadah (with 2 source sheets)
  • Second Day Yom Tov for Visitors to Israel  


  • Women and Megilla Reading  Chanukah ChanukiahDrinking on Purim
  • Purim MeShulash  Chanukah ChanukiahDrinking on Purim
  • Drinking on Purim  Chanukah ChanukiahDrinking on Purim
  • Purim – The Real Kabbalat HaTorah (2020) ?  Chanukah ChanukiahKabalat HaTorah
  • Purim – When Was the Torah REALLY Given?  Chanukah ChanukiahKabalat HaTorah


  • Chanukah – The Downtown Chanukiah  Chanukah Chanukiahdowntown Chanukiah
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  • Chanukah – An Electric Festival?  
  • Chanukah – Greek Wisdom and the Inner Light  
  • Chanukah – Prophets, Greeks and Rabbis – Chanukah and the Oral Law  

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  • Saying Hallel on Yom Ha’atzmaut (updated 2016)  
  • Yom Ha’atzmaut – Capturing the Essence of the Day


  • How Was The Torah Written and Why Does That Matter Today?  Pesach Matza CeliacMatza Celiac Pesach


  • The Scales of Tishrei – Finding the Balance of Ahava and Yira  Pesach Matza CeliacMatza Celiac Pesach

  • Teshuva The Rambam on Hilchot Teshuva – Chapter 1
  • Selichot – Balancing Ahavah and Yirah
  • Tools for Tishrei Without Shul and Community (2020)
  • Yom Kippur – Simcha or Affliction?  
  • Succot – Simcha and Ahava in an Anxious World  
  • Shmini Atzeret – Simchat Torah – Climax, Simcha and a Taste of the Next World 


  • Tisha B’Av 2008 Learning to be Mourners
  • Tisha B’Av 2014Building Redemption Through Exile
  • Tisha B’Av 2016 – Mourning in a World of Rebuilding
  • Tisha B’Av 2017 – The Dangers of Machloket LeShem Shamayim
  • Tisha B’Av 2018Did We Miss Mashiach?
  • Tisha B’Av 2020Zecher LeMikdash and Zecher LeChurban
  • Tisha B’Av 20219 Av and Nachem
  • 10 Tevet