Mitzvot Bein Adam LeChavero

Online Courses on Interpersonal Mitzvot

Rabbi Anthony Manning studied the Jewish laws relating to interpersonal mitzvot with Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits at the Jerusalem Kollel. He has given many lectures and courses of shiurim on these important mitzvot that are often neglected in Jewish educational settings. Here are two sets of shiurim that can be listened to either individually or as a series.


Introducing the Mitzvot
Bein Adam LeChavero

21 shiurim

These stand-alone interactive shiurim present an introduction to 20 important inter-personal mitzvot. (Class participation may mean that the audio quality of the recording is inconsistent.)

Halachic & Hashkafic Foundations of
Mitzvot Bein Adam Lechavero

 21 shiurim

This series of lectures was delivered at the OU Israel Center in Jerusalem from September 2015 – February 2016. It focuses on the Halachic (legal) and Hashkafic (philosophical) underpinnings of the various mitzvot relating to interpersonal relationships. 

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