Jewish Philosophy

Online Courses on Jewish Thought

Rabbi Anthony Manning is fascinated by many different aspects of Jewish thought and Jewish thinkers. Here are recordings of the Hashkafa shiurim that Rabbi Anthony Manning has given over the years on some of these topics.


The Historical Development of Torah

A course of 40 lectures

A Jewish history course featuring the lives and works of the main commentators who have shaped the development of Torah thought.

The Rambam’s 13 Ikarim – Overview 

8 introductory lectures

Click on the microphone icon above for a Crash Course of 8 Lectures introducing some of the key themes of Judaism as set out by the Rambam (Maimonides) in his 13 Principles of Faith.
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Mashiach & The World To Come

7 lectures (2 courses)

Two series of shiurim by Rabbi Anthony Manning on the fascinating subject of Mashiach – the Jewish Messiah – and different understandings of the World to Come.

Lives of the Commentators

A series of 5 lectures

An ad hoc series of shiurim focusing on the lives and works of 5 key mefarshim (rabbinic commentators) and how they have shaped Judaism over the past 1,000 years:

  1. Ibn Ezra
  2. Rav Yosef Karo 
  3. Rav Yaakov Emden
  4. The Debacle of Shabbtai Tzvi 
  5. The Chacham Tzvi 


The Rambam’s 13 Ikarim
– In-Depth Explanation

A series of 21 lectures

Click on the microphone icon above for an in-depth examination of the fundamental principles as set out by the Rambam in his 13 Ikarim. 

The Life and Thought of Rav Avraham Kook

A series of 6 lectures

Exploring the life and times of Rav Kook and his continuing relevance to Jewish thought today. This course was delivered at Midreshet Rachel VeChaya in Summer 2021.

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