Post-Seminary Reading List

This suggested reading list has evolved in response to the demand from young women studying in Seminary for a guide to how to continue their Jewish reading and learning once they leave the ‘bubble’ of Seminary life.

There are thousands of wonderful sefarim on the market and my list is not intended to be comprehensive or definitive. It also unavoidably reflects my own particular tastes. These are the books that have had and continue to have a significant impact on me, and which I believe could be useful for a broad range of students. The list is aimed at an intelligent (although not necessarily ‘intellectual’) student who is interested in seeing a range of perspectives and approaches.

Inevitably, given the broad range of halachic and hashkafic approaches within the contemporary orthodox world, not every book will appeal to every reader. Individuals can and should seek the advice of their own religious mentors as to what material will best suit them personally. I also recommend that you do your own on-line research about the authors I have listed. Many of them have written and audio shiurim on line and you can get your own feel for their style and substance.

There are around 160 books on the attached list. Don’t be overwhelmed! You don’t have to read them all! I have divided the list into 30 categories. Look into the areas you’re most interested in and try some out. Enjoy!