South Africa 2018 – Midreshet Tehillah

Rabbi Manning will be visiting South Africa from Thursday June 14 to Thursday June 21 2018, recruiting for Midreshet Tehillah Seminary

He will be speaking at the following venues:

Thursday lunch June 14th – Emunah Women’s Shiur

Friday June 14th 9.15am – Beis Yaakov of Johannesburg
(also visiting Torah Academy School)

Friday night June 15th – at the Mizrachi Shul: Dealing with Difficult Machloket in Hashkafa

Shabbat morning June 16th – at Sunny Road Kehillah: Geneivat Da’at – Confessions of a Former Lawyer

Monday morning June 18th  – at Yeshiva College Girls’ High School: Thinking Jewishly – If he’s right and she’s right, can they BOTH be right!?

Monday evening June 18th 5.15pm – Avot U’Banim – at the Mizrachi Shul: Looking After Number 1 – Balancing Altruism and Self-Interest

Monday evening June 18th 7pm – The Midrasha – at the Mizrachi Shul: How Literally Should We Read the Chumash?

Tuesday morning June 19th 8.30am – at Hirsch Lyons Girls’ High School: Thinking Jewishly

Tuesday evening June 19th – Shiur and Open House Information Evening at the Bacher home (Orchards): Elu v’Elu – Multiple Truths in Halacha and In Life

Wednesday June 20th 3.30pm – Herzlia High School, Cape Town

Thursday June 21st 12.15pm – Cape Town Torah High School

Shabbat June 23rd 11.15am – Ohr Someyach Cape Town: Derasha and Shiur after Kiddush

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