Da’at Torah & Rabbinic Authority

A series of 4 lectures given in  2017 at the Beit Knesset HaNasi learning programme in Jerusalem. A detailed presentation of the current and historic understanding of Rabbinic authority, with a thorough analysis of Jewish sources. Click here for the English Bibliography for this series of shiurim.

1. Modern Approaches to Da’at Torah
2. Lo Tasur
3. Rabbis, Prophets and Ruach HaKodesh

4. Emunat Chachamim – Who Is A Gadol?

An updated series of 3 lectures given in  2019 at the OU Israel Center in Jerusalem before the 2019 Israeli Election.

1. Elections, Voting and Da’at Torah
2. Elections, Voting and Da’at Torah – Lo Tasur

3. Vaccination and Who is a Gadol