Torah MiSinai (20 parts)

A detailed analysis of the origins and development of the halachic system, from Mount Sinai to the present day. This course charts the historical and philosophical evolution of the Oral Law in 20 sessions, with emphasis on its historical and geo-political context, and major meta-halachic and hashkafic themes.

1. What Did Moshe Receive at Sinai? Part 1

2. What Did Moshe Receive at Sinai? Part 2

3. The Imperative of an Oral Tradition

4. Why Should the Oral Law Remain Oral?

5. Overview of the Structure of Oral Law

6. The Transmission of Torah MiSinai

7. Oral Law in the Biblical Period: Mesorah from Moshe to Ezra

8. The Role of Prophecy in Oral Law

9. Oral Law in the Biblical Period: The Transition from Prophecy to Analysis

10. Rabbinic Law: An Overview

11. The Scope of Rabbinic Authority

12. Limits on Rabbinic Legislation

13. Machloket and Elu V’Elu
Part 1:

Part 2:

14. Schism and Machloket

15. Origins & Formation of the Mishnah

16. Origins & Formation of the Gemara

17. The Sealing of the Gemara

18. The Rishonim

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19. The Shulchan Aruch