Notes about the Mekorot HaTorah Course

Important notes about the shiurim and source sheets:-

● The audio shiurim are either from the 5774 or 5775 series. This does mean that occasionally there will be references to shiurim or comments in other classes that are not entirely reflected by the recordings that have been uploaded. These are however minor and should not cause confusion.

● The source sheets have been updated and some sources added since the audio shiurim were given. This means that occasionally there are references in the recordings to source numbers which are no longer exactly the same. Again, it should be fairly easy to work out which sources are being discussed. Apologies for any confusion but I feel that the improved source sheets justify this slight inconvenience.

● In a few cases I have uploaded more than one audio recording for the same shiur. Although both of these recordings are based around the same source sheet, I sometimes felt that the material covered or perspective taken in the two recordings was sufficiently different to warrant uploading both versions. There will be significant overlap in the material covered, but it may be worthwhile to listen to both versions.