Halachic Change in the Modern World (9 parts)

This introductory lecture entitled “Does Halacha Apply When The Reasons Don’t?” was given at The Midrasha in Hendon during Chanukah 2013.

The full 9-part lecture series outlines the theological and sociological influences on the development of halacha since the formation of the Talmud 1,500 years ago. How and when does Jewish law change and adapt and what is the hashkafic matrix which determines the parameters of acceptable and unacceptable halachic innovation?

1. The Sealing of the Gemara
2. Reasons for Mitzvot
3. Scientific Development
4. Nishtane HaTeva
5. Social Changes
6. Chidush & the Methodogy of Psak
7. Micro-Halacha and Meta-Halacha
8. Halachic & Hashkafic Limits on Chidush
9. The Future of Halacha