Other Topics

Mashiach – A 3-Part Series

   1 – The Rambam’s Position  

  2 – Mashiach ben Yosef  

   3 – Techiyat Hametim 

Yichud – An Overview 

An Overview of the Halachot of Shemitta

Literal & Non-Literal Understandings in Chumash

Mesorah vs. Modernity – What is ‘Authentic’ Halachic Development? 

Tefilla – The Rambam’s Controversial Position on Prayer 

This shiur was given in August 2013 on the 18th Yarzheit of the murder of Danny Frei hy”d.

Ahavat Hashem

The Rambam on Torah & Science – The Riddle of the Fourth Ikar

Art, Beauty & Aesthetics – Judaism’s Encounter with Western Values (2 shiurim, 1 source sheet)

Preparing Shiurim and Source Sheets (1 shiur with 2 sheets!)