Women’s Issues

By popular demand, I have separated out some audio shiurim on contemporary halachic issues that are particularly relevant to women, although men are welcome to listen too!

Bat Mitzva (2021)

Women & Talmud Torah – A 3-Part Series (2021):

Women and Talmud Torah 2021 – Part 1: Foundations

Women and Talmud Torah 2021 – Part 2: Halachic Applications

Women and Talmud Torah 2021 – Part 3: Contemporary Poskim

Women & Mitzvot- A 3-Part Series (2020):

Women and Mitzvot – Part 1: Inclusion and Exemption

Women and Mitzvot – Part 2: Volunteering and Berachot

Women and Mitzvot – Part 3: Women and Shofar

Egalitarian Weddings

Women and Talmud Torah 

Women as Poskot & Yoetzot Halacha  

Women Rabbis 

Shomer Negiah  

Kol Isha – Contemporary Perspectives (2018 Updated Version)  

Women Leaning at the Seder  
(shiur given at book launch in memory of Rav Mordechai Fachler z”l)

Hair Covering for Married Women 

Hair Covering and the Kallah – Part 1  and Part 2  

Birth Control – Part 1  and Part 2  birth control in halacha 

The Agunah Crisis & Pre-Nuptial Agreements – Part 1 The Agunah Crisis and Prenuptial Agreements and Part 2  The agunah crisis & prenuptial agreements
Bat Mitzvah
Hand Shaking and Seat Switching

Click here for a 3-part series on Hilchot Tzniut